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Welcome to The Help Save The Butchers


A marketing program that helps independent retailers increase meat sales.
A program that shows them how to differentiate themselves from their competition
A program that creates customer loyalty
A proven program to successfully compete against Wal-Mart and other major competitors.
“Anyone can get customers in their store by giving product away.
Help Save The Butchers shows you how to keep them coming back without loosing gross.”  We share exact details of how we run our famous Truckload Sale that has generated weeks of over $175,000 in meat sales while still maintaining gross profits.


Module 1: Explains the basic reasons why your customers would be interested in the HSTB program along with the need to convey this message to them.

Module  2: Gives the steps needed to build long lasting fresh meat business.  There is no one quick fix to success it takes a combination of many.  Please take the time to go through each folder.  

Module  3: Gives step by step cutting charts for whole primal cuts that can be used to familiarize employees with different cuts.

Module 4Resources

What You Get:

A program that has been fined tuned over the last thirteen years to produce the best possible results.

A program that has proven success fighting the super-stores like Wal-Mart, and will help you capitalize on their weaknesses.

A program that will differentiate your store from chain stores.

Sales formats that super-stores and most chain stores are not set up to, and don’t want to, compete against.

A program that will make your store a destination point for your competition’s customers.

A program that that will create your store employees as the experts in perishables.

A program that maintains and strengthens Gross Profits while creating a High Quality, Low price image.

A program that will show you how to increase total weekly meat sales, not just sale items.  (A weekly increase of $ 5,000 at just 30% gross profit will add $78,000 profit to your total store.)

You Also Receive Step By Step Help

  • Case plan-a-grams help maximize sales per customer. 

  • Merchandising techniques that improve gross profits and offer a value to the consumer.

  • Access to promotional items that, promote the “Help Save The Butchers!” program, building the image of your store.

  • Unique identity that can not be duplicated by the superstores.


 It is the goal of “HELP SAVE THE BUTCHERS!” to offer it’s members the tools necessary to compete in today’s competitive retail market.  Our program covers several areas of the retail  meat business that can help independent retailers become a major factor in their retail market, establishing themselves as the place to go, when their customer wants fresh cut meat.   We also offer tools to help retailers with well established meat sales improve in other areas. 


  • The Best Employees: 
  • First things first:   Department set-up.
  • Creating A Butcher Shop Atmosphere

  • Pricing Structure:  Tools for obtaining gross profit.
  • Control cutting:  What every butcher should already be doing.
  • Merchandising:  Techniques to improve gross profits and offer a value to the consumer.
  • Variety:  Key to sales and profits.
  • Sales formats:  Programs that will help make you unique in your market place.
  • Case plan-a-grams:   Case positioning can help improve sales and gross profits.
  • Ethnic:  Marketing to a growing segment of our business.


  • How To: We realize that not all store owners have a background in meat cutting.  This section shares  step by step cutting methods with our members.  This section can be used to help train apprentice meat cutters, or so you, as the owner, can have a better understanding of basic cutting methods.


Special Offering to Our Members Area:

1. For a fee we will set up a Custom Webpage: You’ll get a webpage that educates your Customer and makes You The Expert and Authority in Your Market!

Our founder, Bob Buonomano, has been cutting meat for over 44 years.  His expertise ranges from the  initial setup and the everyday management of superstore meat departments that did over a quarter of a million dollars per week to the owning of four supermarkets and total store operations.  For the last 28 years of being an independent retailer and while with the superstores Bob has trained and mentored many meat managers and meat cutters.  As a store owner he realized the value of a well run meat department to today’s retailer.
Within three and one half miles of his present IGA supermarket, Bob has 6 major superstore competitors including the first Wal-Mart superstore in the state of Connecticut.  Having a Wal-Mart superstore as a major competitor, that sold meat but did not have meat cutters in-store cutting it, led him to believe that the one available identity for today’s independent retailer is that of a community store with fresh cut, butcher shop quality meat.  This realization gave birth to the “Help save the butchers!” organization.  While most stores lose sales when Wal-Mart opens a superstore near them, “Help Save The Butchers!” has helped his IGA supermarket to have double digit increases in sales, especially in the meat department.  For the last ten years he has been involved with a group of five retailers that have formed a Retailers Ad Group.  This group is the core of what has become a master mind group where retailers share their problems, their successes and their expertise.  This type of group allows an independent retailer to be in business for himself but not by himself.
The philosophy of the “help save the butchers!” organization is to give it’s members the strength and knowledge of many but an individual identity that can not be duplicated by the superstores.